Penang has not only been a state famous of its delicacies, but also for its efficient healthcare system. Holding our first Medical Expo at Setia SPICE is indeed appropriate for a state that attracted 60% of medical tourism revenue in Malaysia. I would like to welcome you to the 1st Penang Medical Expo & Malaysian Healthcare Policy Conference (PMEX 2017) organised by the State Government of Penang. This event will be held at Setia SPICE Convention Centre from 10th to 12th of November 2017.

This is the very first healthcare event in Penang which showcases the healthcare system in Penang. PMEX 2017 will help to establish Penang as one of the main players in reviewing and discussing healthcare policies with prominent medical professionals. Penang recorded a growth of 14.8% in medical tourists from 302,000 in 2015 to 347,000 in 2016, with revenue increasing by 17.3% from RM 390, 694, 625 in 2015 to RM 458, 262, 629 in 2016.

PMEX 2017 hopes to also provide a holistic approach towards healthcare and medical tourism to provide high quality medical treatment at affordable prices, ranging from diagnostic and testing to surgery, post-surgery and recuperative facilities. PMEX 2017 will also offer a range of services needed such as cosmetic surgery, hospices and welfare centers. Apart from stressing the need to expand doctors and nurses, highly qualified and expert health-care workers, capacity and capability building is important to ensure that the latest medical technology is available.

Penang's aspirations to be a medical city encompass the broad range of issues to be discussed. The building of more private hospitals as well as plans to build new ones is a vote of confidence to establish Penang as a medical city. The latest RM 2 billion investment by the Island Hospital group to build Malaysia's largest private hospital of 1,000 beds offers exciting prospects for the health care industry in Penang.

We hope this event would be fruitful to our participants and foster discussions that lead to a better reform of the healthcare system in Malaysia. We wish you a productive conference in our city of Penang and enjoy our state of Penang which is known for having the best food in the world, heritage and natural wonders.

Advisor, PMEX 2017
The Chief Minister of Penang