Managing Director, Home Medicare

Dr. Thomas Khor is currently the Managing Director of Home Medicare. He has an interest in Modern Science and helping people. Dr Khor started off his education at King’s College London where he graduated with a Masters in Chemistry and obtained a Licentiate with Institut Kimia Malaysia in 1999. Dr. Khor further went on to become a doctor, obtaining a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery and Bachelor of Obstetrics from the National University of Ireland.

After some years of practicing clinical medicine, Dr Khor went on to take on a challenging position as CEO of Genenews Diagnostics, a Canadian Biotechnology company that specialized in the risk stratification of cancer using Genomics. With a background in chemistry Dr Khor contributed to the setup of 2 research laboratories. Dr Khor also lead a R&D team of scientists in the area of cancer research. Dr Khor was also responsible for sales and marketing for Genenews where he re- launched a commercial product specific to colorectal cancer, Colonsentry.

Having experienced running a cutting-edge Biotech Company in the area of Predictive Medicine, Dr Thomas Khor had a self realization of the equal importance of supportive medical care for patients at home. From his own personal experiences and observing how home medical care was widely used in other countries and with his entrepreneurship spirit started his own company, Home Medicare.

Home Medicare is a platform where different healthcare disciplines from Nursing, Physiotherapy to Dietitians come together, discuss and provide a multidisciplinary solution for the patient. This concept of “Hospital to Home” gives the patient and their family comfort to rehabilitate at home. This also allows continuity of care as Home Medicare periodically report back to the discharging consultant on the status of the patient. Patient recovery at home, free from nosocomial infections allow rehabilitation to be faster and have a better quality of life.

Dr Thomas Khor started a collaboration with Denmark Technology University in 2015, looking into innovative ways to care for the aging population. Dr Khor has brought MOTO technology into Malaysia which is an interactive medical tool that is multifunctional and can successfully be used to reduce the risk of falling in the Elderly.