Honorary Professor, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia

• Fellow of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia (2014)
• Recipient of 2012 Min of Science, Technology & Innovation (MOSTI) & STANDARD MALAYSIA Standard & Accreditation Award.
• Established CHEST (Centre for Herbal Standardisation), Biotropics Malaysia Berhad-USM Collaboration. 2010
• Appointed Member, National Herbal Development Council, Min. of Agriculture (2011-2017)
• Appointed Head of Cluster, Herbal Standardisation & Product Development, Centre of Excellence, Ministry of Agriculture, 2011-2018
• Published more than 250 scientific articles & several books and monographs including an Index of Malaysian Medicinal Plants.
• Supervised 20 PhD & MSc graduates in Pharmaceutical Chemistry Discipline.
• Holder of International & National Patents (8), Trademarks (3)
• Appointed as member of the Editorial Board for Journal of Tropical Medicinal Plants. 2000-2012 & Editorial Board for the Journal of Ethnopharmacology (Elsevier) 2005-2015.
• Member in the SIRIM Working Group on Malaysian Herbal Standards, MIG-Herbal Committee in formulating the Malaysian Herbal Policy, National Committee & Technical Committee of the Malaysian Herbal Monographs.
• Establishment of MARA College for High Skills (KKTM) Lenggong, Perak for Diploma Program in Herbal Healthcare.
• External examiner for PhD and M.Sc candidates from UM, UKM, UIAM and UPM.